By consciously being here, I can already tell that you are motivated and designed for bliss. And that's a great start.

I am currently practicing on the Saanich Peninsula on beautiful Vancouver Island.

I offer convenient mobile visits to your home or office, and video-call meetings. 

In my practice, I promote empowered wellness. Together, we will focus on three main aspects to feed your fire:

1. Nourishment from whole foods, specific to your bodily needs.

2. Connection to spirit in a way that calls you.

3. Creating a lifestyle framework that will keep you thriving.

In order to assess your nutritional needs and discover nutrient imbalances, we will go through your health history, symptoms and eating habits. I can help you with hormonal imbalances, liver function, gut health and so much more. We will co-create meal plans, offering choices that suit your schedule and abilities. We will optimize your supplement intake as appropriate. Last, but definitely not least, we will explore meaningful ways for you to connect with something greater than yourself. I call this spirituality; we will use language that resonates with you in our time together. 


Are you ready to discover your bliss and express your vitality?

Alyssa Madill, R.H.N.

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