Going Deeper into Driven & Divine

I went from self-sabotage to over-achiever. From stressed out straight A student to busting-my-ass-daily athlete. From heartbroken to the most independent/ I-don’t-need-anything-from-anyone woman. 

Driven & Divine, my women's wellness program, is born out of my ongoing recovery from personal striving, struggling, perfectionism and self-criticism. All of which still like to rear their imposing heads- but thankfully have begun to soften into the background over the last few years.

I have learned so much in this process of overcoming and of coming undone, that it is my honour to share this with fellow women now.

Of course the challenging pieces are still within me, as they show up in all of us in different ways. Trust me though, we can learn to nurture and try to accept them. This is part of the process of returning to wholeness, and coming to understand the divine feminine balance in life and wellbeing. 

Aside from being highly complex creatures as female-identifying folks, this way of life isn't too complicated itself: Rest more. Connect with authentic women. Ask for help. Journal. Eat what feels good and nourishes. Take vacations. Exercise with joy and variety. Cry and laugh in equal measures. Pay attention to the moons, your cycle, the seasons, the stars, your instincts, and all the little whispers in and around you. I promise, once you get the hang of it- the feelings of ease and flow come often. Life is still hard. But it's more beautiful, more real, more aligned.

Those deep seated, critical inner voices that analyze the body and productivity level- they don't have to always be there. Connecting with the right people, making space for yourself, walking in the woods, or whatever it is for you- it can ALWAYS wash away at least some of the struggle of the day, and return you closer to centre. 

Duality exists in each of us, regardless of sex or gender. The dance of the divine feminine and masculine energies: complimentary opposites in mind, body and soul. In health and wellness, this might be the dance of structure/results/science in balance with flow/opening/personal truth.

For too long, this world has been dominated by the hyper-masculine paradigms of endless productivity, self-centredness, structure, data, and the modern calendar itself.

I am seeking a world in which some of the above exists in healthier ways, yet is expansive enough for fluidity, compassion, and alignment.

This is what birthed Driven & Divine. This three month women’s wellness journey began as an intuitive concept. It came to me in the bath, on a new moon, in January of 2020. It has since taken root and blossomed into something that is now my pride and joy, and will be forever evolving.

Driven & Divine can sometimes be difficult to put into words. It is everything, it is multitudes. That is why it serves each unique goddess who shows up, so well. That’s why it stands out from other programs. Perhaps in a more quiet, more subtle way; only those who are ready and open will suddenly feel the pull to join in.

It is what you make it, after all.

As a goddess and member of Driven & Divine, this is my promise to you:

I am here to facilitate, to nudge, to lead, to inspire, to share wisdom, ideas and content. To provide you with a monthly theme and recipes, to engage you and invite you. To hold space, offer guidance and cheer you on. I will recognize the truth in you, and help to shine light on the radiant, higher version of yourself that is howling to get out and play.

And here is what I ask of you, as a beloved member of our program:

Take this leap, trust your gut, listen to yourself first, and me second. Stay open. Put in the work, but this time, let it be dreamy, joyful, and oh-so-real.

So. Does this call to you? What are you feeling in your heart, your belly, your soul- now that you understand the purpose of Driven & Divine?

Register here if you're ready.