Intuition: Diving Deeper Into Wellness

(part two of two)

Part One touched on why intuition matters in your wellness journey, and I offered a few suggestions of how to strengthen this ability. Now in Part Two, let's see what the research is saying - in case you're wondering whether intuition is only pure magic...

Even though intuition can frequently be felt and experienced, folks have dedicated time and resources to analyzing intuition from a scientific perspective. Measuring the physiological markers and functions of intuition helps to validate its importance.

My favourite piece of this research? The heart! Anatomy and physiology class teaches that the heart is a muscular pump that circulates blood throughout the cardiovascular system, and that it is controlled by its own electrical impulses. But there is so much more to this organ. The heart is now being recognized as not only an essential piece of the endocrine (hormonal) system, but as having a major role in intuition(1) and the ability to predict stimuli to keep us safe.

This doesn't come as a huge shock, especially to us heart-centred folks who are aware of subtler energies, but it's very reassuring to have this validated by the scientific community.

One meta analysis (2) covered studies surrounding intuition over two decades, and found that those intuitive decisions lead to far better results than making choices by deliberation and over-analyzing.

Heart vs Brain: Have you ever wondered which has the upper hand? It has been observed in many settings that the heart can predict stimuli before the brain can. Not only that, they discovered that women are more attuned to this connection of heart intuition (3). Meaning that women are better able to receive the signals the heart is sending when predicting future stimuli.

No matter which gender you are, I encourage you to tap into that inner voice, and give it validation. That inner knowing is truly wise; more than you may give it credit.

Having a stronger intuition can help guide you in choosing the right practitioner, detecting which foods are ideal for you, which wellness practices are most aligned, and what you can let go of. When intuition is combined with professional guidance and information, well, then you would really be set up for a successful and enjoyable health and wellness journey.

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