Intuition: The Missing Piece to Your Wellness Success

(part one of a two part series)

Gut feelings. We've all had them; sometimes we choose to follow that internal advice and sometimes we ignore it. Think back to a time where something didn't feel quite right, but you went along with it anyway. Did you criticize yourself afterwards, thinking "I knew I shouldn't have done that!"? That was your intuition speaking up, and I promise you, we all have these capabilities within us.

First, let me tell you why intuition matters. As a wellness practitioner, I provide support and guidance to people looking to become more healthy in body, mind and spirit. My clients will usually have plenty of questions, goals and challenges to overcome. They can usually recognize what they are doing well, and what might need a little work. Many of them have tried restrictive diet plans and all sorts of "quick fix" methods, but now they are seeking lasting change. And do you know what the foundations are to lasting change, deeper beneath that body-mind-spirit wellness? Body awareness, intuition and inner knowing.

I frequently see folks who have lost the connection to their inner knowing. They have almost no body awareness, and are uncertain of how to listen to their own needs. Without this awareness, a connection to the self or a connection to something greater, it can be difficult to be healthy and whole in the ways you truly deserve. That's why, along with providing dietary and lifestyle advice, I also provide guidance of improving body awareness and the ability to listen to oneself.

We are constantly receiving signals from our brains, our hearts, and every little cell. We might not hear these signals if we are completely busy and stressed out. Living in more balance can allow these messages to come through, so we can make better choices for our lives.

Okay, so I just mentioned stress and busy-ness, but why else have people been losing touch with their intuition? Many factors play a role: media that promotes diet culture and body image concerns, advertisements that promote certain foods or lifestyle behaviours, folks around us that we compare ourselves with, trauma that we experience, and the list goes on. We are living in such a busy time, that there is little to no stillness, or space.

Stillness and space are necessary to cultivate stronger intuition and body awareness.

Ready to cultivate your intuition? Here's how to start: bring back a little stillness and space. This could mean spending time in nature, meditation, journaling, or quietly having a cup of tea. These types of activities give an opportunity for our body and being to communicate with us. Some folks will feel messages physically, some will have an inner voice or image come to mind, and some will feel it in their heart. A combination of these may be experienced as well.

Stay tuned for Part Two where we dive into the physiology of intuition, and expand on ways of cultivating body's not as illusive as it may seem!