Stuck At Home: 5 Tips for Everyday Health

Suddenly, many folks have found themselves working from home (or not working at all and living that hermit life) until things calm down. This, of course, has the potential to interrupt regular eating habits, so I'm here to help you keep these in check.

Before I continue, I do wish to acknowledge that if regular eating and wellness habits are our greatest concerns right now, we are highly privileged and blessed. I would suggest seeking ways to support less fortunate communities and families whose struggles are of much more urgent importance.

Now, if you're accustomed to packing your lunch for work every day, it can be a big change to lose this routine. I know when I took the leap into working from home this past autumn, it took me a while to settle into my new normal.

So, here are 5 quick tips for balanced health amidst the chaos.

1. Continue to meal prep and pack lunches: If this isn't your usual routine, now is the perfect time to start. Choose lots of fresh veggies, some high quality fat and protein. Bonus points for fermented food on the side! Preparing whole foods is easier in batches, so why not make several Buddha Bowls in advance that you can enjoy for several days?

2. Try to eat at regular hours, as you normally would: It's so easy to get caught up in creative projects or tasks at home; you could end up under-eating during the day and feeling like you have to make up for it at night. This can be hard on your metabolism and digestion.

3. Fill up a jug or bottle with water so you stay hydrated: This might seem obvious, but if you are used to that visual cue of having a water bottle, stick with it.

4. Get moving. Suddenly being at home can lead to being sedentary, especially while fitness facilities are closed. Try to get out for walks, jogs and bike rides instead. There are also plenty of options for online fitness and yoga videos too!

5. Support your community. Are you missing your favourite lunch spot? They may still be open for takeout! At the time of writing, the fabulous Beauregard Cafe in Brentwood Bay is still currently open for takeout options and ready-made meals. Check in with a friend or neighbour if you can bring them some provisions, too.

Again, and again, I learn this lesson: simple, wise choices every day can result in feeling healthy, whole and balanced. I hope you can experience the same, and share the wealth.